About Us

Our Mission

Hershey Indivisible Team (HIT) is a grassroots organization that empowers the electorate through education, encouragement and civic engagement to promote equitable values at all levels of government.

What We Do

  • Hershey Indivisible Team members are residents of central Pennsylvania that meet in Hershey, but reach out to the world.
  • We are here to be a resource that educates our communities about the power of equitable principles. 
  • Hershey Indivisible Team inspires our members to take on the duty of political office. Hershey Indivisible Team keeps those that represent us accountable.  

About Indivisible

In late 2016, a document called the Indivisible Guide was created to bring together thousands of groups across the country as people mobilized to resist a government focused on hate and division. We will not be divided by race; we will not be divided by religion; we will not be divided by gender or gender identification; we will not be divided by political party; we will not be divided by wealth; we will not be divided by education; we will not be divided by age. We are united by inclusion and acceptance. We are indivisible. We are one. We gain our strength from our diversity. We welcome you.