HIT Makes a Difference 

​“Change  will  not  come  if  we  wait  for  some  other  person   or  some  other  time.  We  are  the  ones  we’ve  been  waiting  for.   We are  the  change  that  we  seek.”  —  President  Barack  Obama

HIT is dedicated to the principle of grassroots advocacy. Our two goals are to target local legislators in the state and federal level to push progressive policies and to defend our country from the Trump agenda of racism, authoritarianism, and corruption.

To learn about what HIT is planning in the community, check out these links:

HIT Issues Teams

  • Education
  • Elections
  • Environment
  • Economic Justice
  • Ethics in Government
  • Gun Safety
  • Healthcare
  • Immigration
  • Labor
  • Racial Justice
  • Women’s Rights
Woman at HIT booth passing out t-shirts
HIT is always looking for new members to join the fight again corruption and hate

HIT in Action

  • Calls to Legislators
  • Community Events
    • Election
    • HIT Sharing
    • Tabling Events
  • Listening Project
  • Lobbying
    • Town Hall Meetings
    • Small Meetings With Legislators
  • Marches
  • Meetings
  • Rallies
  • Social
  • Workshops

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