We are residents of Hershey and the surrounding areas. The issues span our state and our country, so we have no boundaries. While most of our team members do live in Derry Township, a number of our people live in the adjoining communities and we gain strength from their work and their spirit. We welcome the resources they bring. 

Climate March


In late 2016, a document called the Indivisible Guide was created to bring together thousands of groups across the country as people mobilized to resist a government focused on hate and division. We will not be divided by race; we will not be divided by religion; we will not be divided by gender or gender identification; we will not be divided by political party; we will not be divided by wealth; we will not be divided by education; we will not be divided by age. We are united by inclusion and acceptance. We are indivisible. We are one. We gain our strength from our diversity. We welcome you.




Groups are frequently organized with a hierarchical structure. We are not. In our organization, the members of our organization are a team. We share concerns, work together, amplify our voices, and have fun doing it. We share the responsibility for keeping the peace, avoiding war and proliferation of nuclear materials, welcoming others, accepting and supporting our LGBTQ population, and loving our neighbors. We stand for a fair and living wage, family values, respect for women, protection of our environment, equal opportunity, good public education, sensible gun regulations, medical care for all, and tax reform that shares the burden equitably.

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek

-President  Barack Obama